Quest of Persia
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"Quest of Persia" is a Persian Computer Game Series.

"Nader's Blade" became the best Persian game of the year,  12/10/2009

For the second year in a row, Quest of Persia won the award for the best Persian game of the year. "Nader's Blade" won the golden trophy for the best Persian game of the year in the third digital media festival. "Nader's Blade" was up for 8 awards in the third local digital media festival, and won three awards including the best game of the year. The nominations include: Best Story, Best Character, Best Graphic, Best Music, Best Cut-Scene animation, Best Technical Game, Best Game Concept, and Game of the year.

"Quest of Persia: Nader's Blade"  has been released, 16/7/2009

"Quest of Persia: Nader's Blade" has been released. The third installment of "Quest of Persia" proven to be most anticipated game of the series. More information about "Nader's Blade" is now available through the game's official website.

"Nader's Blade" official trailer has been released, 15/5/2009

"Quest of Persia: Nader's Blade" CG trailer can be viewed here. The CG animation has been developed by Aria Animation. Also the exciting trailer  of Quest of Persia  game series  can be viewed here.

"Nader's Blade" is the third installment of "Quest of Persia", 9/2/2009

More information about "QoP: Nader's Blade" will be available through the game's official website soon . The website will provide complete information about the new game including the story, gameplay, and the new screenshots.

"QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand" won golden trophy for the best Persian game of the year, 9/2/2009

"Lotfali Khan Zand" won the golden trophy for the best Persian game of the year in the second digital media festival.


"QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand"  was  released, 5/5/2008

"QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand" is the second installment of the "Quest of Persia" game series, more detail information about the game is available at the game's official website.

"QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand" trailer  released in WCG 2007, 26/9/2007

The third trailer showcases the new shots from the game and it will focus more on sword fights. The 90-seconds trailer includes 30 seconds of gameplay, demonstrating some of the complex  sword fights, and weapons of the  game.

In WCG (World Cyber Games) 2007's  Persian national final, "QoP: The End of Innocence", two years after its release has won  the best Persian game of  the year award.

"PC ZONE UK" talks about Quest of Persia's success, 5/1/2006

"With a meagre budget and no publisher support, it's darn sight better than some of the other first-person shooters out there." (PC Zone, Issue 163, January 2006). Read all the Reviews, and Interviews about "The End of Innocence" through the Press page.


"QoP: The End of Innocence" was released, 3/10/2005

The First ever 3D Persian Computer Game has been released.

"The End of Innocence" powered by QoP Engine is a game which has been optimized to work with low spec graphic cards. Although we recommend at least 64 MB graphic card, the game will run on good 32 MB graphic cards with updated drivers.