Quest of Persia

"Quest of Persia" is a Persian Computer Game Series.
"Lotfali Khan Zand" is the second installment of  "Quest of Persia"

"QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand"  best Persian game of the year , 3/11/2008

"Quest of Persia: Lotfali Khan Zand" won the golden trophy for best Persian game of the year in the second digital media festival.

The English Version of the game ohas been released at Game Expo Dubai (28-30 October 2008).


"QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand"  Persian version has been released , 5/5/2008

You can order the Persian version of the game through the QoP Persian website. English version will include new levels, and is scheduled for October 2008. You can check out  shots of the game through the screenshot page.

"Lotfali Khan Zand"  gameplay trailer has been released, 10/2/2008

The new trailer dedicated to the  "QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand" gameplay is now  available on the trailer page. Also, you may find the latest shots from the game ont the screenshot page.

"QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand"  third  trailer  was  released in WCG, 26/9/2007

The third trailer showcases the new shots from the game and  focuses more on sword fights. The 90-seconds trailer includes 30 seconds of gameplay, demonstrating some of the complex  sword fights, and weapons of the  game.

"Lotfali Khan Zand" Screenshots are now available, 12/7/2007

For more details check out the "QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand" screenshot page.

"Quest of Persia II: Lotfali Khan Zand", 1/9/2006

"Lotfali Khan Zand" is the second game of the "Quest of Persia" series. A prequel to "Nader's Blade", It will be a 3rd person sword-fighting game and will be available in early 2008.